DJI Phantom 3 SSH Password

Thanks to the Awesome Guys at the DJI Forum, I had everything I needed to access and Brick my DJI phantom Drone, Camera, and Remote. And out of sheer excitement »

Primary Objective

#HappyChildren I just like to see picture of smiling kids, especial my own. »

I Drone


ESP8266 Not New, But Never Old



Programming an AVR (atmel) like an uno, or a mega via the RPI's gpio pins is absolutely awesome. Utilize the GPIO serial pins, for solid connectivity that will not reboot »

Honey, I'm Home Night Light

early preview. maybe you can guess for now but thats all i am going to say for now »

Private Chrome apps


Your Data My Data


Drone Blocks

Autonomous Flight, so easy now...! :D has some opensource stuff, but the app itself is just for iOS and it does not appear that that portion is opened »

Green Smoke Bomb Kitchen!

Green Crayons melted, mixed with Potassium Nitrate and Sugar »

BASE Performance

BASE migrated from a eCommerce platform called lemonstand. The name was fitting. However, going to shopify is not for everyone. Advanced pricing options can be a bit of setup work, »

Footboard HID

Yet another not-so-serious project that I had to see working. The standing desk surfboard.... var robotjs = Require('robotjs'); robotjs.keyTap('pagedown'); »

API Integration in Minutes


RPI Prototype


CO2 Sensor Project